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4 Crazy Simple Hacks for a More Productive Home Office Space

home office office space Dec 21, 2020

Working from home took on a whole new meaning in 2020. As multitudes of people were uprooted from their workplaces and schools, we were forced to adapt quickly to a completely new way of working and learning. For some of us, working from home is nothing new. While the changes we have witnessed this year have been confounding to say the least, our workflow has not really been altered. But for others, juggling kiddos at home trying to learn, a new way of conducting business and keeping it all organized has been incredibly stressful. No matter your current situation these 4 simple hacks will help you be as productive as possible when you sit down to work.


Baskets were made for this, use them for their highest calling!!

Clutter is a productivity killer! We all know it. But honestly, who has time to clean up the months of papers we forgot were important? Or all the little bits of life that get “set down for a moment” and never find their way home. A simple way to start decluttering is a couple of baskets. 

As you bring additional items into your office space start a habit of “filing” it into one of these baskets: 

  • An inbox (All the items you need to deal with soon) 
  • Outbox items (Need to be filed or stored for later) 
  • Put away box (You can easily take the box with you at the end of the day to put all the collected items away)
  • I actually need these things box (More on that below)

As you start to form the habit of filing new items take 10 minutes everyday to chip away at the existing clutter, by filing a few items in their appropriate basket. A bit at a time is less overwhelming and that little corner of empty desk can be super inspiring to keep going!! 


Keep vital items easily accessible

There are a few items that should always be within arms reach. It may seem simple and obvious but keeping the following items in a desk drawer or “I actually need this” bin as mentioned above will make life so much easier. 

  • A multitude of pens and pencils (Bonus points if they all work!)
  • An eraser, stapler, calculator, notepad, ruler or tape measure and pack of sticky notes 
  • Device chargers, spare USB and a couple extra batteries for your mouse
  • Hair elastic, earphones, and any other small items you are constantly looking for!

Start thinking of this as a work survival pack and modify as needed to keep you on task throughout the day. It will shave a surprising amount of time off your workday if you aren’t having to get up and search the house for the millionth time to find a pen!


Keep it visible!

A white board, cork board or wall painted in chalk board paint are great ways to keep those important items visible. “Out of sight, out of mind” is real and it is a problem. This is a great place for little bits of info you are always looking for, tacking up goals you are working towards and a calendar.


If the thought of hanging a cork board full of post its and forms makes your techie heart cringe look into a specialized app like Trello or Clickup to help keep important items easily accessible. These are virtual pinboards of sorts, where you can line up all your “post its” in tidy columns and rearrange them to your hearts desire. 


Amp up the Artwork

Remember to treat your office like any other room in your home and make it a place you enjoy spending time in! Artwork is not only beautiful, it can also be something to help reduce eye strain. Taking 30 seconds every hour or so to enjoy it during the day gives your eyeballs a much needed break from the strain of staring at a screen. 

Get the kiddos involved with this one and your sure to have some unique art ideas. Have a superhero lover on your hands? Think vintage comic book covers. A budding veterinarian? Etsy has tons of options for affordable quirky animal prints. Or get the whole gang outside and take turns taking pictures of everyday things from unique angles. Staring at an upside down watering can might give you the inspiration you need when staring at a blank page!


Offices don’t need to be sterile environments of beige and off white. Make it a space you enjoy spending time in! If you love to be cozy keep a blanket rolled up in a basket (yes another one). Paint the walls a beautiful color that makes you smile or add some quirky artwork! 

These 4 simple hacks might be common knowledge but when put into action they are a quick way to make your home office space more productive and enjoyable!



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